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Organic Traffic is Undervalued in the Conversion Funnel

I speak with friends and peers on a frequent basis who don’t understand why they should invest in growing their organic traffic. Due to some great enhancements in reporting technologies over the last few years, it’s now easier to trace the original source of your traffic/lead. This allows most businesses to use multi-touch attribution models and give credit to each marketing channel along the conversion path. Here’s a cool eBook from SlingShotSEO discussing multi-touch attribution models and their benefits along with a study and a guide to implementing with Google Analytics.

Anyway, I wanted to point to other data collected from SlingShotSEO about different attribution models used in online inbound marketing. In their studies, they’ve found that Organic search is the most commonly used channel along the conversion path and that 42% of conversions tested began with organic search. While this won’t be true for every business or vertical, it’s important to take a look at your conversion paths and the figure out where most of yours begin – the answer may surprise you. Read more about this study in the eBook I shared above!

Valuing Digital Marketing Channels with Attribution Models

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